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Teaching Nia Online

Nia has seen an incredible change since the start of the pandemic.  There is so much Nia available online now, from Body and Life Trainings to ongoing Nia classes of all types, we can tap into it whenever we want.  The ease and convenience of doing it from home are perfect for many, but not…
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Nia Moving To Heal

I’ve recently returned from a Nia Moving to Heal® (M2H) training in Dallas with the founder of Nia, Debbie Rosas. Like Debbie, I have always believed that Nia, at its heart, is a healing program. The conditioning we get from practicing Nia has been the wonderful extra benefit we receive and I have loved that…
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Expanding Nia

I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to expand Nia into Lincoln these last few weeks. It began with taking on a class at the new Firethorn Resort back in August. A new venue means new people, and I love introducing new people to Nia. Although classes are small, there is an enthusiasm that’s growing. I then…
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Nia Down Under

I just returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand. It is spring time there now. Coming from the Midwest, preparing for winter, I was thrilled to be in the bright, hopeful energy of spring. The greens were fresh and young, and flowers were blooming everywhere. I was accompanying my husband on a scientific…
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Exploding Inward and Outward

Little did I know back in March that so much change and growth were at my doorstep. The transition to teaching online Nia classes was an epic shift for me and all of Nia. Beyond catching up with and understanding the technology, I have had an immense inward expansion that has connected me in new,…
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Everything I Learned From My Right Foot

Long ago, when I first began my career as a group fitness instructor, my goals were driven by charts, measurements, distances, time, scales, and body fat percentage. These numbers, along with their ranking from poor to excellent, defined my reason for exercising and teaching aerobic dance classes. However, I had found my way into it…
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