"Stepping into a Nia class with Holly is a joy. Her voice, timing, and language immediately bring me into my body and my experience. I feel full, alive, sexy, and awake when I'm in her class. A master at her craft, Holly personifies "coming home to self."

– Georgia Lister

As a child, I never missed a chance to get up and dance. That love led me to the formal study of dance at UT Austin when I was 18. This planted a seed of desire in my soul for movement as art.

- Holly Nastasi

Holly's fitness career started in Austin, TX in 1982, teaching aerobic dance, Jane Fonda style. She recieved multiple certifications in the area of fitness and ultimately went on to earn  a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in Health Education from UT Austin. Her studies included anatomy, biology, biomechanics, human physiology, as well as human behavior and the concept of wellness. Holly was introduced to Nia® in 1993 at a Health Promotion Conference. She attended a session entitled “The Motion in Emotion” led by Dr.Deborah Kern and that talk changed Holly's life forever.

"Holly Nastasi is not only an accomplished Nia instructor but an excellent educator, leader, friend, and encourager. Her commitment to excellence is second to none. She is a true professional that cares for each of her students. " – Kelly H.

​Holly has taught thousands of Nia classes and has opened numerous Nia studios, including NiaSpace in Austin, Zia Nia, Studio Mateo, and StudioNia Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She also developed a Nia community in Lincoln, Nebraska. Holly currently lives in College Station, TX.

"I feel blessed to have the work of Nia in my life. Nia has shaped me with purpose by providing tools to live into my potential. I’m especially honored to be part of the Nia Training Faculty and to be able to count as my colleagues and friends so many talented people. We touch the world in a special way!" - Holly Nastasi


Nia® is a mindful dance fitness practice that conditions your body and mind in remarkable ways.  Nia is a movement art that elevates your movement skill by increasing flexibility, mobility, agility, stability, and strength.  Nia’s unique style is founded in 40 years of program development, focusing on aspects of martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts.  Nia truly delivers a holistic experience that touches your body, mind, and spirit.  Nia has the potential to change your life!

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