Exploding Inward and Outward

Little did I know back in March that so much change and growth were at my doorstep. The transition to teaching online Nia classes was an epic shift for me and all of Nia. Beyond catching up with and understanding the technology, I have had an immense inward expansion that has connected me in new, profound ways to my body, mind and spirit realms. I am staying safe indoors with my husband who is also working from home. We have long stretches where we are each engaged in our individual pursuits, be it jobs or hobbies. This, along with teaching in a room by myself, to a screen, have immersed me in solitude. This solitude has provided me a deeper understanding of my a body, mind, and emotions, while at the same taking me out further, extending my energy more than ever, to connect to the global Nia community.
My Nia classes are the mesh that weave my solitude and community together in me. As a Nia teacher, it is my job to share the magic of Nia, to deliver the promise of well-being and self-healing through Nia movement. In those moments, when I am looking into the camera, sharing the Joy, I am more deeply connected to my unique life force, and more dramatically extended beyond my boundaries at the same time. I’m exploding inward and outward at the same time through this wave of change.
My home, my husband, my family, my friends, my students, and my teachers all make it possible for me to love my life the way I do. I am awash with gratitude many times a day, often causing me to stop in my tracks and feel the jolt of emotion that comes with it. It almost takes my breath away. Thank you is never enough for all that is given to me.

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