Nia Moving To Heal

I’ve recently returned from a Nia Moving to Heal® (M2H) training in Dallas with the founder of Nia, Debbie Rosas. Like Debbie, I have always believed that Nia, at its heart, is a healing program. The conditioning we get from practicing Nia has been the wonderful extra benefit we receive and I have loved that part of it as well. We all need to stay fit in order to live a life well. I also love the endurance and strength I’ve developed in order to keep a wide variety of movement in my life.
However, there have been many people who have come through my classes just unable to participate. Injuries, illness, deconditioning and emotional discomfort are some of the reasons people don’t come back. I always feel sad when I don’t see them in class again. Until now, I haven’t known clearly enough how to share Nia with them in a way they can access. After M2H, I have the confidence to share Nia in this new format that guarantees that everyone can do Nia.
The remarkable thing about M2H is that it maintains all the Joy and pleasure of a classic class. People laugh and dance through M2H while gaining benefits all the way. The philosophy is the same, seek pleasure and you will find healing.
M2H uses classic Nia routines as a foundation for simplified choreography performed standing or in a chair. The 52 Moves also provides a path for the M2H class. The 7 cycles of Setting the Focus, Stepping In, Get Moving, Cool Down, FloorPlay, and Step Out are still used to craft the class. M2H also takes time out for education and follows The Body’s Way®. There are a few differences in the format, including a body awareness check at the beginning of class and a body gratitude expression at the end of the class.
I have my first lead for a class at an independent living center and I am very excited to get started. I will be taking the medicine myself as I develop my ability to share Nia in this new and wonderful way!
See you on the dance floor!

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