Nia Down Under

I just returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand. It is spring time there now. Coming from the Midwest, preparing for winter, I was thrilled to be in the bright, hopeful energy of spring. The greens were fresh and young, and flowers were blooming everywhere. I was accompanying my husband on a scientific conference trip that gave me the opportunity to reach out to the Nia communities where I visited. I was in Canberra, the capital of Australia, and Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Both of theses cities have passionate, burgeoning Nia communities. It was pure delight to connect with them and share the joy of Nia.
Each of these communities was filled with joy and happiness. Hosted by Fiona Glenn and Amanda Hanna-Doull, I was introduced to what seemed like best friends as I met one Nia student after another. They came in with shining faces and eager hearts. We all shared the same language. We love to dance, we love to know and express ourselves through our bodies, and we love to share our joy with others, adding to the collective. Nia is connective tissue, binding us from far and wide, in moments of pleasure and exploration. I may never see these people again, but we shared some remarkable experiences together that I will never forget.

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