I’ve enjoyed 25 years as a Nia® teacher, trainer and choreographer. In the years prior to my Nia career I studied dance and theatre, group fitness, kinesiology, human physiology, and human psychology. Dance has been the defining aspect of my life, beginning at age 20 when I studied dance at UT Austin. It was a bold move to choose dance as a major as I had no prior training. I jumped in with blind faith knowing it was the right thing for me.
Luckily I figured out early that I was meant to lead and teach rather than perform. I landed right on top of the aerobic dance craze in the 80’s and found my home at the front of a group of people, dancing to the music. I came alive for these hours of teaching. I’d plan and anticipate each class, as I do now. My passion drove me to get educated and trained in many modalities, ultimately leading me to Nia. Through many ups and downs I have consistently turned to dance and movement to support me. It will always be a large part of who I am.
I’ve taught thousands of classes and danced with even more people. Nia is my vehicle, my path, to share the joy of movement with so many. I’ve also been privileged to share what I have learned with other teachers and dancers as a mentor and a guide. The highest expression of that for me is being selected to create educational routines for the Nia Technique. Creating a Nia routine synthesizes everything I’ve learned about movement and music up til now. Knowing teachers from Australia to Japan to Paris to New York to Los Angeles are sharing this work with others fulfills a deep purpose of mine and leaves me sweetly satisfied with an empowering sense of completion.
My recent body of work, the Nia routine GO, is an exploration of our bodies moving in different directions. The intent of GO is to enhance our spatial awareness. You can dance the routine yourself at

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