My Birthday Gratitude

It’s pretty safe to say I have had a birthday celebration every birthday of my life. There have always been people around me who love me, with gifts, good wishes and warm hugs. On the eve of my 62nd birthday, I am awed by the sweetness of my life and the good fortune I’ve had to celebrate this special day as long as I have.
I’ll be teaching Nia on my birthday this year, as I have many times. Nia is always a gift for me and my body, and sharing it with others is the icing on the birthday cake. It would be impossible for me to teach a class with my favorite songs because we would be dancing for hours. But you can be sure my playlist will be taken from that longer list of songs that have moved me through my life all these years.
Inevitably I do the math of my life and recognize time is precious. Every moment of my life wants to be lived mindfully, joyfully and with purpose. In a profound way, Nia supports me in doing that as I dance through my practice of 7 classes a week. I am reminded each time I step in that here and now is what matters. My fellow dancers matter. My life matters.
Happy Birthday, Holly!

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