The Spectrum of Nia

I’ve been practicing Nia for 23 years. I’ve had lots of Nia training in those years. I’ve also taught thousands of Classic Nia classes and watched my body evolve with the practice. At 62, I have my fair share of wear and tear, and I am adapting my movement style to protect my joints. Some of those around me also have similar issues, experiencing discomfort that is helped, gratefully, by movement. Does this mean I am on a declining slope? I don’t think so.
I took the Nia 52 Moves Move IT training this past week with Kelle Rae Oien, a delightful and masterful Nia teacher and trainer. Two weeks earlier I was in Moving to Heal with Debbie Rosas and Jule Aguirre. These two trainings have helped me discover a new spectrum for my Nia practice. On the one hand there is the soft and nurturing approach of M2H, on the other hand we have Nia Move IT, a kick-ass way to heighten conditioning. In both instances the Joy of Movement is still paramount and personalization is the way. These two formats are ideal for all of us – taking time for movement that is intimate and internal, and time for movement that is explosive and outward. Somewhere in the middle is Classic Nia. If you are lucky enough to have these classes nearby jump in!
I know both of these approaches will affect my classic Nia class. I feel like I have permission to go small or go big in a new way. Thank you to my teachers who have given me the opportunity to be a student and expand my horizons. Congratulations to the Nia Technique for continuing to evolve the brand to meet the needs of all people.

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