The Art of Sensation

A 16-week somatic experience

16 semanas de experiencia somática


You're invited to join Nia Faculty Trainer Holly Nastasi for a 16 week Nia White Belt Training Intensive taught ONLINE in Spanish!  This fully online, interactive course will allow you to stay in the safety, convenience and privacy of your home, while receiving the life-changing somatic lessons of the Nia White Belt Training.

Te invito a participar en el Cinturón Blanco de Nia, un curso ensenado en 16 semanas, por internet y en Español. Este curso interactivo te aporta la seguridad, conveniencia, y la intimidad de tu hogar, mientras recibiendo las lecciones somáticas del Cinturón Blanco que pueden cambiar tu vida.

"When it comes to body and life mastery Holly Nastasi is a master. Her wisdom, passion, and genuine interest in helping people fuels everything she does. Empowering people, teaching them to see their gifts, and becoming an active participant in changing people's body and life is just one of her many talents. Whether it's dancing in class or training with Holly I promise you magical, heartfelt transformation awaits you."

– Debbie Rosas, Co-founder of Nia® Technique



Part movement training, part personal retreat, the Nia® White Belt will take you on a guided journey into a deeper relationship with your Self.

Find the JOY in Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit that is your birthright. Learn to listen deeply to the yearnings of your body and the desires of your soul.

Discover the transformation that awaits you on the other side of awareness.

FOCUS: Art of Sensation

INTENT: Embody the Foundation of Nia

Nia White Belt Training takes you on a journey of self-discovery by exploring the art of sensation through 13 principles for body-centered awareness. 

Each principle teaches you a variety of skills and practices to increase your body literacy - the ability to listen to your body - and empowers you to make choices that enhance health and total well-being on and off the dance floor.

Nia White Belt teaches you the Art of Sensation through five core areas of study:

  • Movement - the study of moving, health + potential 
  • Anatomy - the study of body design, parts + systems 
  • Science - the study of body awareness, health + vitality
  • Music - the study of sound, health + expression
  • Philosophy - the study of the body's inherent wisdom

This 16-week training will run from March 29  to July 5, 2022. Sessions will be held on Tuesday from 12:00 - 2:00pm CT, 5:00-7:00pm GMT.

Recordings will be made of each session and be available for later viewing during the entire course.  Attendance at all meetings is highly recommended.

Each week you will receive additional homework and activities to deepen your understanding of the concepts and principles presented that you will complete between sessions



$1599 ($599.50 payable upon registration to Nia Technique), $999.50 payable to Holly Nastasi before the training begins. The cost to retake the Nia White Belt Training for former White Belt graduales is $799.50.  Members get $100 discount.

Register for the White Belt Training with Holly on Upon registration, you will receive your ZOOM access and login information along with a detailed schedule.


1)    16 Weekly 2 Hour LIVE Experiential Sessions via ZOOM 
       (live participation is encouraged, however replay access is     available)

2)    ONLINE Training Portal... 
       With access to the White Belt Core Curriculum including:

  • Weekly agendas with suggested homework exercises
  • Hours of podcasts to support your embodied learning
  • 16 on-demand Nia classes for you to use throughout your training
  • 1 month FREE Trial of NiaTV (for new NiaTV subscribers)
  • Weekly small group meetings to discuss learning and ask questions
  • PDF Download of White Belt LEARN Book and EMBODY Journal
  • Audio Guided Meditations and Movement Exercises
  • And more...

3)    16 LIVE Online Nia Class Offerings with your Trainer



This 16-week training will be offered in Spanish and run from
March 29 to July 5, 2022 via ZOOM each week.