Transition and Renewal

My life is a story written in chapters that revolve around where I was living at the time. The chapters have included Venezuela, Nicaragua, Libya, Italy, Switzerland, England, the UAE and the US. My father took the opportunity to work in the oil business overseas, thus the international background. Relocating is a signature move of my life.
My fitness career began in Austin, TX back in 1982. Nia arrived in my life in 1993, which eventually drove me to Santa Fe, NM. A new marriage and opportunity took me to Lincoln, NE. Soon I will be transitioning to College Station, TX, a town about 35 miles from where my grandfather was born. A cycle completes, in many ways.
Each transition created a new version of me. What first began as a hippy-like exploration in Austin, became a new-age immersion in Santa Fe. Lincoln, NE grounded me in a beautifully practical way, taking me deeply into my body. College Station will bring an as yet unknown me to the forefront. The confidence of who I am and what I offer has grown with each transition, personally and professionally. It may just be what happens with time, but I see it as much more.
Who I am is a collection of all my experiences, both profound and casual, in all the locations, with all the people I have known. I take it all with me on this next journey. I relish the opportunity for growth and renewal on all levels.
My relationships will deepen. I will have more success professionally. I will become a better teacher, mentor, student, friend, parent, grandparent, wife and human being. I really look forward to that!

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