Moving on with Moving to Heal

I launched myself into Nia Moving to Heal (M2H) a year ago. Since then I have taught three classes a week at a independent living complex, as well as twice a month at a memory care center. To quote a friend of mine, “This work is changing me.”
As a teacher, Classic Nia calls for mastering the choreography with the music and delivering the promise of fitness in a one hour class. We challenge our movement skill and strengthen our flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength. Nia M2H asks us to loosen up the choreography, to simplify and slow down. Don’t be fooled, however. Nia M2H still delivers the benefits of fitness, just in a gentler way.
In M2H the intent is always to feel better. A simple but profound idea, especially when dealing with a chronic condition or recovering from surgery or illness. We are all healing something all the time and movement is a tried and true method of feeling better. We can shift our aches and pains, we can shift our mood, we can process our grief and find relief, we can reconnect with our bodies, and we become part of a community. M2H is for EVERY body. We all benefit with this approach.
I am loving this practice and how it adds to the quality of my life. I teach in the afternoon at 1:30. It picks me up after lunch, fueling me with life force to finish the day. My body feels strong and nourished, and well used. I am more comfortable in my body, and surrounded by new friends and a new practice. I know I can continue this practice forever, whether I am standing, sitting or lying in a bed. Thank you, Body, for helping me live with joy and movement. Thank you Nia for showing the way.

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