Delivering the Promise

My goal as a Nia teacher is to “deliver the promise” of Nia, one of the tenets of our practice. The promise is to deliver a body/mind/spirit class, honoring The Body’s Way, led by the Joy of Movement, and made available to everybody. Until recently the classic Nia class has been mostly accessible to the generally fit population, those strong enough to stand and move for an hour. With the advent of the Nia Moving to Heal (M2H) program, this is changing.
Last week in Portland, OR, the home of Nia HQ, a group of us gathered to film Nia M2H experiences to add to NiaTV is a streaming service that brings Nia into your home, office, facility, or anywhere you might want to take a movement break. You can access NiaTV on your TV, computer, or any other device. The M2H experiences are presented both standing and sitting. They are of varying lengths and with an assortment of foci and intent. Gentler and simpler, these experiences are designed for the individual at home, needing a supportive voice and inspiring music to help them bring movement into their lives.
As I sat in my chair, preparing to deliver a seated M2H experience for the camera, I envisioned that person in the privacy of their home. I looked deeply into the darkness of the camera lens, to the other side where she sat. I thought of her (could have been him) having her first experience as I guided the movement with pleasure and sensitivity. My energy blended with hers as I saw her follow my movements and suggestions. We danced together, connected through a physical experience. With the help of the internet, this person could be anywhere in the world. It’s my sincere wish that this M2H experience finds it’s way to that person and to many more.
Thank you to the other nine Nia M2H teachers who brought their talents and magic to the process. And thank you to the NiaTV production team whose desire is to provide a rich, healing experience to the world. Nia really is for EVERY BODY!

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