Creating the Space

I’ve just returned from a week of immersing myself in the Nia White Belt experience. The Nia White Belt is the first level of somatic education offered by the Nia Technique. It’s a week-long process of discovering the magnificence of the human body and its potential to live into greatness through an embodied practice of movement. The most important relationship with have in our lives is with our bodies. Nia helps us listen and understand the signals that are sent through through our bodies via sensation. The body’s vast intelligence is constantly communicating its level of well being. We can learn to hear these messages and respond consciously to feel better.
It all begins with choosing joy – Joy of Movement. It’s the act of moving towards pleasure and away from pain. It requires adjustments and tweaks to avoid discomfort and strain. The adjustments represent our choice for joy of movement. The body moves at a pace that is unique to each individual. The influence of the martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts creates endless variations of energy and effort, delivering a well balanced workout that touches every part of us. Music is key also, enhancing every movement with the magical qualities of rhythm, melody and harmony. Freedance encourages our internal dancer to express itself authentically through a series of 8 practices. The base, core and upper extremities are designed to be moved through many planes and levels. Nia movement includes 27 moves for the base, 7 moves for the core, and 18 moves for the upper extremities. All 52 moves can be used in a stand-alone practice of conditioning and energizing. Understanding how the body is put together helps with our alignment and self-healing, helping us live a life comfortably in our bodies. Embodiment can be a tool for making choices and taking actions in every part of our bodies. Our bodies sense what is right and wrong for us. Finding a way to stay in our bodies from day to day and week to week, helps us develop into our greatness. A Nia practice can do this for you.
It was an immense pleasure to watch 16 women go through this experience, the Nia White Belt. Do you want to feel your best, body, mind and soul? Step into this remarkable experience to learn and grow. You’ll be so happy you did!

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