Art of Sensation

I am days away from stepping into a Nia White Belt training in Lincoln, NE. The White Belt is the entry into Nia’s art of sensation; what it means to live a sensory life. I began this journey for myself in 1993. I have facilitated scores of White Belt trainings since then and am always eager to deliver one more. I love this work and how it awakens those who practice it. I’m privileged to have the role of guide, teacher, friend, and mentor while I too am the student experiencing the magic of the 13 White Belt principles yet again.
This year I was fortunate to study under Debbie Rosas, the founder of Nia, as we continued to evolve the intent, focus and curriculum of the White Belt. I am inspired by her to take my own group through this process that lasts 6 1/2 days in a fully committed way. The women I will be guiding are long time students and friends of mine. Many of them began taking Nia with me when I first arrived in Lincoln almost 6 years ago. I get to watch their transformation, not just during this week, but also in the weeks and months ahead when we will share class experiences together and deepen our relationships. Lots to look forward to!
My advice to all people – yes, all – is to experience this training which so elegantly reveals how to live an embodied, joyful, healthy life. We all want that! If you like to dance, you’ll be in heaven. If you feel like you can’t, you’ll soon learn the folly of that. Beyond the creativity of dance and music, this training also delivers a deep understanding of the structure and function of the human body. Our bodies are such remarkable creations it seems a shame to go through life not noticing the sensations they deliver.

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